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A smart eco-friendly refilling kiosk that auto-mixes and dispenses surface disinfectant liquid, encouraging "Recycle & Refill" using used plastic bottles.   

POD Refresh II 

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A Greener Way to Combat Covid19

A Greener Way to Combat Covid19

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13th APR 2021 - 1 year in the making, POD Refresh is finally activated in one of the schools in Singapore. Thanks to the support and sponsorship of MSHS Alumni (1971), QST Group, and Klenco Singapore for this very meaningful and purposeful collaboration. POD is proud to be invited to be part of this special project. Perfectly timed to be align with Singapore's Temasek Foundation nationwide roll-out of #BYOBclean2 campaign.   


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4th JAN 2021 - To prepare for the reopening of schools and workplaces as safely as possible, POD launches this new innovative product to help combat the spread of Covid19. 

Unlike any conventional vending machine that dispenses bottles of sanitizer liquid, POD Refresh II is a compact, eco-friendly, autonomous retail kiosk that auto-mixes and dispenses ready-to-use surface disinfectant liquid. Users have to bring their own plastic bottles to collect the liquid solution. 

Through this innovation, we reduce a huge amount of carbon footprint when we stop dispensing 1-time-usage plastic bottles that ended up in the oceans and in our food chain. What's more, we aim to sell the sanitizer liquid 
at less than 25% of the usual retail priceAt its fullest capacity, the POD Refresh II Kiosk is able to mix and dispenses up to 30,000 x 500ml-bottle of disinfectant liquid.

In Dec 2020, POD's tech team in Vietnam completed a successful trial launch at Nhan Van High School in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam. It will be coming to your city soon, just in time for the reopening of schools and workplaces in spring 2021. Check out the video and contact us for more sales information.

Adopt Refresh Concept Today.

Refresh (bottle). Refill (product). Reduce (pollution).

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